Herman and Herman Jr. recharging the refrigeration coolant on a unit.

In recent years heatwaves all around the world have made air conditioning an absolute necessity both in homes and office spaces. Once seen as a luxury item, air conditioning has now become a mark of comfort, especially in the United States. With studies showing that 87% of Americans had already been using AC in their homes in 2009, International Energy Agency reports that this year the percentage of households that own an AC is higher than 90%. However, when we talk about an AC system or an HVAC, we are actually talking about two units that can provide not only a complete system of ventilation, and air conditioning, but one of heating too.

AC provides immediate comfort in summer by making indoor air cooler and less moist in wet areas. What happens is that a cold indoor coil, which is the evaporator, cools your home while a hot outdoor coil, known as the condenser, dispenses the heat outside. But air conditioning systems are not infallible, and there are some frequent malfunctions that occur. As temperatures drop on cold winter nights, sometimes the coil can freeze. Besides this, dirty coils and water leaks appear to be a common problem too, especially in the summer.

These are several reasons why your air conditioner fails to do its job: Below is some common failures. Call us when you see these, the faster we fix the issue the less likely you will have a more costly major failure.


  1. AC doesn´t start.
  •  The batteries in the thermostat are old – the AC doesn´t have electricity – the  AC´s programming is out of date.


  1. AC doesn´t cool or heat up
  •  The air inlet and/ or outlet of the air conditioner are most likely clogged needing cleaning – its compressor is compromised – doors and windows may have been left open, impairing the functionality of the AC.


  1. AC is leaking and running down the wall
  •  The drain pump if you have one could be defective – the condensation pipe is clogged by mold, algae causing it to be full of water and overflowing.


  1. AC is constantly freezing
  •  The filter is very dirty – the low temperature outside is affecting the air conditioning – The installation is compromised because of the low air flow between the main components of the air conditioner.


  1. AC makes an abnormal sound and/or smells bad
  •  The air conditioner can produce an abnormal noise when its indoor motor or blower wheel is defective or overheated. or outside unit compressor going out of low on its charge. -Abnormal noise and odor often indicate that the filter is dirty. The filter must be cleaned or replaced (cleaning and replacing parts has to happen once or twice a year). The odor can also come for mold and mildew in ducting.

So, if you want to prevent malfunctions of these sorts, and other unpredictable technical problems that will cost you time and money, call us and our highly trained HVAC and indoor air specialists will be glad to service your needs. Better yet, sign up for one of our maintenance plans.


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